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What to Expect when you Work with Me.

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When you visit for your first session, you'll be warmly welcomed into a unique and historical setting. My practice is nestled in a charming home nearly 200 years old, located in the heart of Rootstown, Ohio. You'll enter through the inviting side porch, marking your transition into a space dedicated to healing and wellness. The house, set across from the stately Congregational Church to the west and the Portage Community Bank to the north, is imbued with the serene ambiance of the town.

Rootstown is not just a hub of historical beauty but also a center of learning and recreation, being just a quarter mile from the Northeast Ohio Medical University and a 15-minute drive from Kent State University. My favorite local hangout, Taco Tantos, is nearby, along with a plethora of recreational areas. I often find inspiration and rejuvenation in nature, frequenting spots like The Portage Hike and Bike Trail, West Branch State Park, and Towers Woods – all within easy reach.

Conveniently located 20 minutes from the Ohio Turnpike and a mere 2 minutes from Interstate 76, the accessibility of my practice makes it a tranquil yet easy-to-reach oasis.

During our session, we'll take the time to thoroughly discuss your chief concerns. This allows us to identify and utilize the most beneficial course of action to begin addressing your needs. Depending on what emerges in our conversation, this may involve a variety of modalities, including personalized Ayurvedic treatments, shamanic healing practices, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, herbal remedies, and mindfulness techniques. Each aspect of your treatment is carefully tailored to align with your unique journey towards holistic health and menopausal wellness.

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