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Dinacharya: Foundational Self-Care for Menopausal Wellness

  • 180Days
  • 28Steps


Course Overview: Are you ready to begin your journey towards thriving through the menopausal years? Dinacharya: Foundational Self-Care for Menopausal Wellness offers a comprehensive, self-paced program designed to guide you through the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda. This course invites all women to start here, laying the groundwork for holistic well-being that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. Course Structure: Participants have 180 days to complete the course, which combines a variety of engaging materials: Lectures: Dive into insightful teachings on the principles of Dinacharya, exploring how daily routines can create profound, positive change. Videos: Visual guides take you step-by-step through essential Ayurvedic practices, from morning routines to mindful self-care. Downloadable Worksheets & Tip Sheets: Practical resources help you integrate Dinacharya into your daily life, offering actionable steps to build healthy habits. Written Materials: In-depth content dives into the science behind Ayurvedic practices, providing context and understanding to support your wellness journey. Course Benefits: Dinacharya is essential to bring radical change to the body, mind, and consciousness. This course empowers you to: Achieve Balance: Regulate your biological clock, aligning your daily rhythms with your body's natural processes. Improve Digestion & Assimilation: Cultivate healthy eating habits and dietary choices that enhance digestion and nutrient absorption. Nurture Self-Esteem: Build discipline, peace, and happiness through consistent self-care, fostering a thriving, vibrant life. Promote Longevity: Establish lasting habits that support your well-being, ensuring a fulfilling journey through menopause and beyond. Feedback: Please feel free to share any suggestions for improvement or inquiries you might have at any point during the course. Please send questions and comments to

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