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Working with Me

I work side-by-side with you to identify your imbalances and concerns. Then we create a road map for getting you back on course in the most efficient way.   We'll be working in all the realms of health... physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Layering small practical steps will have you living the life you deserve quickly. Most of my clients start seeing massive results right away.


We start with a conversation. We explore your experiences around:

  • food

  • body function

  • sleep,

  • routine

  • work

  • recreation

  • family & relationships

  • thoughts & emotions

  • belief systems

  • and more

Then, I work with you where you are.  For example, If you are always in pain we get you out of pain first.   If you have digestive disturbances we address that.  If weight is your biggest issue, we focus there…


No matter where we start, this practice is holistic. You get a permanent solutions to your chronic complaints.  


Big Picture


Our current circumstances are largely a result of our habits.  Where we are today is a direct result of our choices. (There also genetic factors which can be mitigated to a large degree.)


When we first begin working together, we will look at where you are today.  We explore your limitations, irritations, and feelings of misalignment.  


Then, we “zoom out” and look for the inconsistencies that don’t support your wellness.  We look for the root cause.  Because if the root cause is not identified and address, the solution doesn't last.  


Most programs out there put a bandaid on the problem. I offer a permanent solution.


You can do this!


One of the signature characteristics of our work together is that it will never add pain, struggle or stress to your life.


You work at a pace that supports you.  Working any other way is counter productive. 


Transformation unfolds as we honor and nurture our being rather than forcing or pushing ourselves.  


Here’s an example: 

If you are looking to lose weight and get into shape, you can get great short term results by exercising hard and depriving yourself of food.  Soon enough though, the weight will return and the body will be more depleted than when you started. 


Taking a pace that allows you to listen to your body, mind and spirit is the wise path.


What you can Expect:


More vibrancy, energy, peace, clarity, confidence, strength & joy.  Better body function, digestion, mood, metabolism, vitality, and energy.

Issues around HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, AND PERSONAL POWER get resolved... As you peel back the layers of what’s holding you back.


You'll embrace that woman that you're becoming rather than dread this phase of your life. You'll know, and own the power that only menopausal women can access.


Book a Free 15-Minute breakthrough call to get clear on your best course of action. 


Get in touch, I do my best to answer them. 

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