The truth about cleanses. The least you need to know.

There is a controversy around cleansing.

In one camp, the consensus is that the body cleanses itself . There is no need to do anything more.

In the other camp, the belief is that we must cleanse to be healthy. Toxins don't automatically leave the body.

Both are correct.

The body does cleanse itself. You don't have to do anything. But you DO have to NOT DO some things.

How do you know when you're body is ready for some help? Here are some symptoms that might mean you are ready for a cleanse:

  • Excess Weight

  • Body odor

  • Lack of energy

  • ​Brain fog

  • ​Chronic conditions

  • ​​Thick, heavy mucous

  • ​​Malnutrition

  • ​​Accelerated aging

  • ​Stiff, achy muscles and joints

  • ​Lack of luster of the skin, hair, & eyes

  • ​Anxiety, Stress, and Emotional turmoil.

Without the onslaught of:

Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, chemical additives, environmental toxins and poor eating practices. The body cleanses itself and heals itself. Easy peasy.

But that's not the reality that we live in.

So what's the simplest cleanse practice?

Wean from chemical substance and dial in sound eating practices. Then we wait and allow our body to clear.

Here's where I usually get push back.

"But I can't do without my coffee." "Wine is my favorite thing." "I can't stop smoking."

"Progress not perfection." I say. "Do what you can and leave the rest. And you might surprise yourself and find it easier than you think."

After all:

  • How will you know your actual energy, if you continue to drink caffeine?

  • You can let your liver and brain have a break so they can do the important work of detoxifying. Both toxic substances and toxic thoughts and emotions. (More on that later)

  • You can learn to soothe yourself in a healthier, more holistic way when you stop using tobacco.

Basic cleansing requires that you eat a variety of whole, plant-based foods and plenty of clean water. Supplements are unnecessary.

However, when I lead a group cleanse I generally recommend a few supplements. They fall into two categories; nutrification and detoxification.

Supplements for Nutrification

A body deficient in anything will have compromised function. If the body is in need of a cleanse, it's also likely that the pathways that absorb nutrition are blocked too.

Trace minerals - You can't always count on your fruits and veggies to provide all your trace minerals. The soil they are grown in may be depleted. Ionic trace minerals in the form of liquid drops are a favorite of mine. Add to water everyday and drink up.

Vitamin D- Most people are deficient of Vitamin D.

If you don't eat a lot of fatty fish, fortified dairy or hang out in the sun, you probably fall into this category. It's a ginormous problem if you're deficient.

B12- Listen up vegetarians (me included) you need this supplement.

A good whole food multi vitamin. Particularly if your diet isn't blessed with a wide range of whole, fresh food. If you're not eating regularly from these categories, pick up a bottle. (though I would prefer that you up your food game.) Grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Supplements for Detoxification

I love Triphala. It's an ancient Ayurvedic formula that clears away any excess without depletion. Newbies like to take triphala in the tablet form (because the taste is icky). But I encourage returning clients to take it in powdered form. Dissolved in water and drank morning and evening. It's a game changer.

A very strong purgative is castor oil. Clients that opt for a deeper cleansing process use this. It an optional 4-day protocol that's not for everybody.

So back to the basic cleanse practice.

Once you take the leap and start the weaning process, one of two things will happen.

1. You'll feel fabulous.

2. You won't feel fabulous. You're energy is low and you might feel crappy. (I teach you how to minimize this effect however)

This is a sign that you are either depleted, congested, or both.

If you don't feel fabulous, you get to address the root cause. With sound nutrition, good daily practices, rest, and time, you'll begin to feel better and better.

And it will be a real feeling not propped up by sugar, caffeine, alcohol or whatever. Your body is healing in the deepest way.

If you feel fabulous, you may opt to do a deeper process that I outline during my group seasonal resets.

I also teach recommended daily habits

Go over best practices on How to Eat

How to hydrate

And best practices for sleep.

Our elimination, digestion, energy. sleep, acuity... all improve.

We have space for introspection where we can opt to do (in my opinion) the most important work. We can clear blocks found in our mental and emotional bodies. We can move off the grooved tracks of poor habits around emotion and thinking.

I pepper in mindfulness, meditation and exercises to release emotional blocks.

The result is an even deeper physical healing and liberation from our habits.

The process is simple, gentle and at no time elicits stress. It's a wonderful practice for getting reacquainted with your true nature... that of joy and freedom.

If you wish to join me for my next seasonal reset, it's coming up. You can get the details here.

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