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Rethinking Wellness: Beyond the 1-10 Scale

In the pursuit of wellness, we've become accustomed to the traditional 1-10 scale to measure our health. Yet, many are now questioning its efficacy. A recent story shared with me highlights this flaw vividly. A friend, deeply unwell, found herself contemplating the scale's limitations when asked to rate her pain. She didn't just feel like a '1'—she felt below zero, suggesting a scale from -10 to +10 may be more apt in capturing the full spectrum of wellness.

Wellness transcends mere absence of illness; it embodies a state of abundance, vitality, and thriving. Ayurveda, an ancient health system, aligns with this expanded view, defining wellness through indicators such as sharp senses, a clear mind, and a joyful disposition, not merely the presence or absence of symptoms.

Our society often considers '0' as average, setting a concerning norm where a decline in health with age is expected. This approach is reflected in our healthcare system, which tends to focus on managing symptoms rather than promoting wellness. During a recent doctor’s visit, my health was scrutinized under the presumption that at my age, I should be exhibiting some ailments—an approach focused on finding issues rather than maintaining health.

My personal journey to wellness involved a wakeup call, prompting me to reassess and actively improve my life. Incorporating practices such as yoga, exercise, proper diet, and Ayurvedic principles, I shifted my focus to wellness care. This shift is something I advocate for strongly; wellness care is the proactive approach to health that enables us to experience the richness of life above '0' on the wellness scale.

I urge others to explore this concept of wellness, to not settle for a life around '0' or below. True wellness care can propel you beyond a mere absence of disease to a Plus 5 or higher—a state where life is not just tolerable, but delightful.

If you find yourself below '0' or haven't yet reached '5', I invite you to join me in creating an action plan for true wellness. It's about altering lifestyle habits, embracing personal responsibility, and understanding that optimal health is a proactive pursuit. Let’s redefine wellness together and experience the full, vibrant spectrum of health.

To those ready to embark on this journey, consider scheduling an appointment with me. Together, we can navigate towards true wellness and discover just how delightful life can be when we move our personal health scales into the positive.


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