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Resetting the nervous system

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Our nervous system is incredible.

It's like our CPU (central processing unit) that supports all of the functions of the body.

It senses danger and rapidly prepares our body to fight or flee. The trouble is, we can become hard wired to stay in that state. When we do, it wreaks havoc on literally everything.

How do you know if your nervous system needs some love and attention? If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you probably want to start a practice to support your nervous system. *

❖ anxiety

❖ digestive disturbances

❖ insomnia

❖ hair loss

❖ memory loss

❖ weight gain

❖ chronic inflammation

and more...

Let's jump right in. Be sure to practice often to get the maximum benefit.

1. Breathing:

Did you know that how you breath can either exacerbate or relieve your stress response? Breathing for relaxation requires that you engage in belly breathing.

Here's how:

Expand the lower ribs 3 dimensionally. Avoid lifting your collor bones when you inhale. (Unless you're breathing vigorously from strenuous exercise.) Slow your breathing down and extend the exhale. Be sure that your belly expands on your inhale and relaxes on your exhale. To super charge the effect, visualize yourself inhaling love (confidence, ease, joy, etc.)

And exhale fear (anxiety, lonliness, depression, sadness, grief, etc.)

This practice is powerful. Do it often.

2. Encourage stress hardiness

If we've been stuck in fight or flight for a while, your bodies ability to tolerate stressors diminish. Here's a quick practice. First thing in the morning, splash cool water on your face. Practice not reacting in a negative way. Gradually build up to colder water and more body parts. It has an awesome effect.

3. Align with your natural rhythms

We get a second wind after 10 PM. Ever notice? The best way to dial in good sleep habits is to get to bed before 10 PM.

When our circadian rhythms are aligned with nature, we have a greater capacity to heal. The goal is to wake up naturally and refreshed.

4. Sing, hum, laugh and gargle.

All of these practices stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a massively important nerve that supports brain chemicals, digestion, and organ function. A critical piece to optimizing health. Sing, hum, laugh and gargle with frequency and vigor. You'll see the results immediately.

5. Contemplate

Where is your attention? Are focused on problems or gratitude? Shifting your thinking habits will go a long way in dropping the patterns that have you stuck in fight or flight in the first place.

6. Move

Yoga asana, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, walking... all support the down regualtion of the nervous system. The caveat is that it must done with calmness and ease. Ask yourself, "how can I make this more easeful? Flowy? Light?

7. Rub a dub dub

Take an epsom salt bath. The magnisum of the espsom salt and the warmth of the water have a relaxing effect. Do it before bed and you get a double bonus with better sleep.

8. Head outside

Nature is calming, well, by nature. If its available to you, slip off your shoes and stand in the grass. Or better yet lay in the grass (untreated lawn of course). Visualize our great mother nature dissolving the stress and tension from your body.

For more tips and support, reach out. Or schedule a 15- minute strategy session so that I can support you in getting to the root cause of your concern.

Be well. ❤️

*Front Psychiatry. 2018; 9: 44.

Published online 2018 Mar 13. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2018.00044


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