Mulberry Compote

I'm having a blast clearing, planting, and harvesting on my new property. Last year, I was so busy putting together the inside of the house that I didn't pay close attention to the outside.

This spring, I kept waiting for this gorgeous apple tree to sprout its leaves. It was so late that I feared it dead.

The reason it was so late was that it wasn't an apple tree at all. Turns out the tree was a mulberry tree. The loaded branches had me and my grandaughter picking bowl fulls of these special fruits. We made a compote to add to our oatmeal each morning....delicious.

Ayurveda teaches us to eat seasonally. When we do, we are aligned with the rhythms of nature. The wisdom of nature delivers exactly what you need when you need it. For example, in early spring, dandelion greens and sprouts become available. The bitter delectables help to clear away the winter sludge from your digestion.

Berries start to arrive in late spring through summer. These blue, purple, red,

and black fruits are known to have amazing health benefits. They aid in digestion. Boost the immune system. Lower LDL cholesterol. Improve eye health. And protect you from tumor growth.

I'd say those are all great reasons to indulge.

Here's my super simple recipe

Mulberry Compote

Mulberries don't have as much flavor as some other berries so I like to jazz it up by adding a touch of lemon juice and a squirt of agave.

Blend 4 cups of mulberries with as much water as necessary to make it smooth.

Add to a saucepan

Add 1 Tablespoon organic lemon Juice

Add 2-3 Tablespoon organic agave.

Simmer until it is reduced by 1/3 or until it is the consistency you want it.

Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Or can the compote for use later in the year.

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