It takes a village

Becoming increasingly spiritual is an attractive life path. Especially for empaths and healers. Yet, navigating the relative reality of our world is often a difficult obstacle.

Ayurveda, Yoga & Shamanism are three disciplines that has mapped out the journey toward an enlightened state. The practices have been honed for centuries and passed down from guru to student mostly through verbal transmission.

Seeker and seer would convene in a isolated ashram and get to work traversing the path to enlightenment. Slowly, the veil would thin through austere practices until one day, in the far off future, the student turns guru.

Most of us don't have the luxury nor the inclination to evaporate from the world for an extended length of time. Rather, women's groups and seekers groups are popping up all over the world to support and enhance deeper spiritual work.

Folks are gathering together for the purpose of awakening to higher knowledge, leveling up and gleaning the tools for navigating these crazy times.

As they do, they come to realize their sovereignty and connectedness. Rather than engaging in arguments and trying to convince another of their rightness around religion, politics, or another hot topic, they seek to forge deeper connections with one another. They have more tools to navigate life's sticky situations both big and small.

Ayurveda purifies the body and senses. As this happens, negativity and fear naturally dissolve.

Yoga purifies the mind and bring higher awareness. It also supports the release of deep seated tension and habitual body patterns bringing about deep subtle change in ones experience.

Shamanism cuts through the veil of illusion making it simple to release unseen forces and draw to us, pieces of ourselves that have been lost or forgotten.

My students and clients are invited to do this group process where we choose love, have the courage to look deeply inward, and emerge in a state that creates solutions to some of life's toughest predicaments. If this is something that interests you, schedule a time to talk to see if it would be a good fit for you.


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