It's December 2020 and no one is grounded

You heard my correctly. In every single one of my energy sessions that I have done over the last 8 months, not one person was grounded.

The global shake up. The confusion swirling around. Just the crazy times we find ourselves in, has everyone un-grounded.

Groundlessness is a big deal. When we aren't rooted in our core, we are far more susceptible to just about everything....Physical, mental, emotional.

When we aren't grounded we cannot adequately get our bearings to sort out what is true and what is false.

When we aren't grounded, we can struggle with anxiety. Traumas can get triggered more easily. We can be tossed about by the winds of change instead of taking them in stride.

Our sense of well being suffers.

In order to navigate these enormous changes, it's a good idea to have a grounding practice.

One of the simplest methods is to literally stand bare foot on the ground outside and feel yourself growing roots into the earth. If being outside doesn't appeal, or is in some way inaccessible, you can do it indoors too. The effect is lessened but it helps.

We can also stabilize ourselves in a grounding routine. For example, taking an epsom salt bath and then massaging oil into your skin is helpful. Pay special attention to your feet. Wear warm socks.

A sitting practice is grounding IF you approach it with that intention. Often, spiritual practitioners like to focus up, on the third eye or beyond. I recommend trying to focus on your root chakra and visualize the 4 corners rooting down. You can use the physical 4 corners of the pelvic floor for guidance. (The two sit bones, the tail bone, and the pubic bone).

A good energy healer can also ground you. Ask specifically for grounding when you book an appointment.

We have a lot of uncertainty and change happening right now.

One of the best ways that you can ride this out is in a grounded state.


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