Is your breathing making you fat?

Weird question right?

But hold up a moment. It's totally legitimate.

Our breathing informs our nervous system.

Our nervous system informs our endocrine system.

Our endocrine system is responsible for our hormones.

Our hormones dictate our metabolism (and so many other things.)

It is NOT a stretch to say that our breathing CAN change our weight (for better or worse).

Let me break this down a little further...

When we're in a chronic pattern of dysfunctional breathing we can trigger our nervous system to "fight, flight, or freeze."

This produces a "draw" from your endocrine system.

It's like leaving the headlights on in your car.

When you want to start it again, the battery is dead.

It may take years to drain the batteries in our bodies.

But once we do, our metabolism tanks. We start to put on pounds no matter what we do, or what we eat.

Does this sound at all familiar?

You used to be able to eat whatever you wanted and now, everything you put into you mouth ends up on your belly or butt?

I'll be speaking on this subject next Tuesday, April 20 at 2pm. It will be on my Facebook page, Veda Thrive. I'll go over how this phenomenon happens and importantly, how to shift it back so that you become a fat burning beast!

If you haven't joined the group yet, hop over and join.

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