Feeling stagnant? Tight? In pain? Look no further than your connective tissue.

I'm a huge nerd when it comes to understanding the workings of the body. So much so that even after 30+ years, I still take courses to hone my skills.

I recently purchased a training from Tom Myers. Tom is a brilliant bodyworker and trainer. He is a pioneer in connective tissue theory.

I'm only a few hours into his training and I'm already wowed. What I've understood intuitively is no longer a theory. It's hard science.

I watched as he and his crew dissected both fresh and embalmed cadavers (I know gross). Seeing with my own eyes the connective tissue patterns in the body has me so excited. I can finally have words to explain why the sight of pain is never the source of pain. (Unless of course, you experience direct trauma to that site.)

Over the years I grew to understand this fact. Watching my clients operate smoothly and pain-free is super fun and rewarding.

Knee hurts? I might look to the arch of your foot.

Shoulder pain? I might look at your pelvic alignment.

Low back achy? I might look at your deep glutes.

Headaches? I might look at your rib cage....

I am open and taking clients. I've been practicing social distancing, sanitary requirements, and hand washing. I'm also holding sessions over zoom.

If you're feeling the stagnant, tight, or in pain schedule an appointment. Together we will figure out the best approach to get you bouncy and lively again!

Until soon!


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