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🌱 Exploring the Journey of Self-Care: Breaking Through the Barriers

Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with clients that embrace self-care as an essential part of their lives. While many find solace in nurturing themselves, some face challenges that prevent them from engaging fully in their self-care routine.

There may be many explanations for this, but I generally find that the thread to lack of self-care in adulthood is often be rooted in childhood. Profound connections between our past and present may influence our ability to care for ourselves in a number of ways. Here are some of those ways.

🧠 Rebellion from Childhood: Breaking Free from Imposed Expectations

As children, we are often molded by societal norms, parental expectations, and authority figures' demands. The pressure to conform to specific behaviors, appearance standards, and achievement goals can become overwhelming especially if they’re rooted in dysfunction.

For some of us, adulthood becomes an opportunity to rebel against these imposed expectations. Neglecting self-care might be a way of asserting independence, breaking free from societal norms, or reclaiming a sense of control over our lives. While this rebellion can provide a temporary sense of liberation, it may also hinder us from finding genuine self-compassion and care.

💔 Trauma Response: Coping with Unhealed Wounds

Childhood trauma, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, leaves deep imprints on our psyche. These experiences can disrupt healthy attachment patterns, diminish self-esteem, and challenge emotional regulation. As adults, we may unknowingly employ self-neglect as a coping mechanism to protect ourselves from further pain. Avoiding self-care might feel like a defense mechanism, a way to shield ourselves from confronting the unresolved traumas of the past. Healing from trauma is a courageous journey that involves embracing self-compassion and seeking support to foster a sense of safety and healing.

📚 Learned Behaviors: Navigating the Cycle

Children are sponges, absorbing the behaviors and attitudes displayed by their primary caregivers and role models. When self-care is neglected or undervalued in the environment we grow up in, it becomes a learned behavior. As adults, we might unknowingly perpetuate this cycle of self-neglect, mirroring what we witnessed during our formative years. Recognizing these learned behaviors is the first step towards breaking free from this pattern and embracing self-care as a transformative act of love and nourishment.

❤️ Emotional Neglect: Nurturing Our Inner World

Emotional neglect during childhood can leave profound impacts on our ability to prioritize self-care. When emotional needs were not adequately met during their early years, we may struggle to recognize and address our own emotional and physical needs as adults. Cultivating self-compassion becomes a crucial aspect of healing, helping us to understand the importance of nurturing our inner world and embrace self-care practices that soothe and uplift our spirits.

🌟 Embrace the Journey of Self-Care: Seek Support and Healing

As you explore the profound connections between your past and present, and how they influence your ability to engage in self-care, consider the transformative power of shamanism. Delving into the realms of shamanic practices can offer a unique approach to breaking free from barriers and finding inner healing. Shamanism's ancient wisdom and rituals can lead you toward a soul-nurturing journey, retrieving fragmented parts of yourself and releasing unseen influences that hinder your self-care. By seeking support and guidance from an experienced shamanic practitioner, you open yourself to a world of transformative healing and self-discovery. As you embrace these profound healing tools, you’ll be paving the way for profound self-care and personal growth.

Remember, healing is not a linear path, and growth is an ongoing process. Embrace your journey with compassion and patience, and remember that seeking support can make all the difference. May you find the strength to break through the barriers so that the power of self-care can nurture your mind, body, and spirit. 🌿


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