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Indian Wilted Spinach

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Indian Wilted Spinach

This dish is from Northern India where there are very little resources and spices are rare.

3 bunches spinach- use top quality

red chilli flakes

½ t black mustard seeds

6-7 garlic cloves mashed

1-2 t turmeric

Heat oil add mustard seeds once they start crackling add turmeric, red chili flakes and mashed garlic and sauté some more for 1-2 minutes. Add spinach one handful at a time, folding into the spice mixture to wilt it. Once the spinach is all wilted, add salt and a lot of black pepper.

Spinach/Potato alternative

If you want to add potatoes to this dish, fry potatoes first in Oil and cumin on high heat to create a nice seared coating on the potato.

Then add spinach a handful at a time then add ginger powder.

Once wilted, add hot water, cover and let the potatoes cook.

If this dish is not spicy enough at the very end, add garam masala.

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