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Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Kale is king when considering the nutritional punch it serves up. The flavors are strong and may take some time to acquire but don’t give up. It is so health promoting, it’s worth it and quite delicious once you get used to it.

3 cups curly kale torn into small pieces with stems removed.

2 TB olive oil


2 cups assorted shredded vegetables

(carrot, red cabbage, red pepper, beet)

2 TB fresh herbs, minced

(basil, cilantro, thyme, etc.)

1 TB nama shoyu

I TB oil ( oilve, flax, sesame)

1 TB nutritional yeast

2 TB freshly squeezed lime

1 toe garlic, minced

2 T sesame seeds

Place kale in a large mixing bowl and add flax oil. Rub oil into kale with your hands, coating evenly.

Toss in remaining ingredients

Serve or refrigerate for a couple hours or overnight to soften kale.

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