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1:1 Consultations

There's a reason Ayurveda and other wisdom traditions have been around for millennia...because they WORK!  

You can finally cut through the symptoms to find the root cause of your concern quickly and effectively.  A personalized approach will allow your body to heal naturally without the use of invasive methods or side effects from pharmaceuticals.

During our sessions together, we'll be looking at all aspects of your life to discern any core imbalances.  Then we'll apply simple, practical strategies that will allow your body/mind to self correct.


Often  stubborn concerns start to find resolution in as little as 3 days. Clients report a sense of ease and results way beyond their expectations. 

Plant-Based Lifestyle

Shifting to healthy plant-based food is scientifically proven to  improve your health.  What you eat affects all aspects of your being including:


  • Your digestion, so that you can get more energy and nutrition from your food.

  • Your mood, so that you can experience yourself and others in a much more joyful way.

  • Your weight, so that you never have to struggle or go on another deprivation diet...ever again. 

  • Your energy, sustained, calm, and plentiful throughout the day.


If you've struggled with any of these things, the first place to start is what you put on your plate. 


But it's more than what you eat.  Its also HOW YOU EAT.

How your food is prepared.  And, your other lifestyle habits.


And it has to be easy to achieve, RIGHT?


You can finally get the results that you've worked so hard to get.  All the guess work is removed.  This time, WILL work and the results will be permanent. 

In this course, you'll get:

  • Exactly what you need to do every single day with Step-By-Step Action plans. (emailed to you daily so you never miss a beat)

  • Weekly recipes, shopping lists and instructional videos.

  • Digestion and health hacks peppered into your daily emails so you can have glowing health and outstanding energy by the end of the course. 

  • No confusion ever.

  • Just the exact plan that you need to take.

  • Support & Accountability so you get the same amazing results as my private clients (who, by the way, pay over $5000 to get the same results you will get!)

  • Instant access to cooking videos so that you have staples, sauces, breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert nailed down!

The Habit Evolution Workshop

Our days are filled with activities we don't even think about. In fact, it's estimated that 40% of our activities aren't conscious behaviors, but habits.

Our habits affect every aspect of our life... what we do, eat, believe, how we relate, and our quality of life. In this workshop we will learn how to rewire our unconscious choices so that we develop habits that are good for us. It's the key to changing the trajectory of our lives.


As we dive into habit science, you'll get an actionable, proven method for swapping good habits for the ones that are detrimental to you.


You'll FINALLY be able to see that New Years Resolution to fruition. Have more energy. Get fit. Have rewarding and satisfying relationships...whatever your goal, the key is your habits.

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